In today’s digital world, companies have the ability to reach customers all over the world rather than just those that can come in to your physical store. When a consumer visits your store and doesn’t find what they are looking for, they may not come back again to give you a second look. With retargeting and online shopping, that idea has changed significantly.

Here at Wisconsin Media, we are experts at remarketing. We use proven methods to increase awareness of your services, products, and brand with strategies that really work. We want you to spend your advertising money effectively, and won’t waste time and money on ideas that don’t bring you a return on your investment. We want customers that didn’t find what they were looking for the first time to come back to your store every time they need your product.

How it Works

Statistics show that only 2% of consumers will make a purchase on their first visit to a website. With so many options available, consumers prefer to shop around and find the best prices for products with great reviews. Consumers want to be absolutely sure that they are buying the best product for their money before they make a final purchase.

This means that almost 98% of consumers are surfing the web trying to find the perfect product for the right price. In order to reach out to them at the right time and in the right place, we place your retargeting ads in such a way that their attention is caught and drawn right back to your site. You may choose to use special discounts or promotions to catch their attention and keep them focused on what your company has to offer.

Why is Remarketing Important?

As you work hard to build a name for yourself within your industry, you need as many loyal consumers as you can find. Rather than giving up on the ones that didn’t find what they were looking for the first time, retargeting allows you to reach out to them again and again until they find just what they want. Retargeting also offers a long list of benefits including:

Here at Wisconsin Media, we are experts at knowing how to identify your target customers and draw them in right where you want them. Trust us to use your advertising dollars effectively.

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