The importance of online reputation management

Date: June 03, 2015

Why Online Reputation Management is Important

One of the great things about the digital age is that it has become easy for individuals to instantly share their thoughts and opinions with others online. This can mean great exposure for businesses when happy customers leave shining reviews or share their positive brand experiences with friends and family on social media. While positive comments can be great for a company, negative ones can be quite dangerous. Online reputation management helps businesses monitor what others are saying online in order to build and track their company’s online reputation.

The Importance of Online Review Management

Online reviews are right up there with word-of-mouth advertising in terms of their influence. In fact, according to a 2014 survey by BrightLocal, 88% of consumers surveyed said they read online reviews in order to determine the quality of a local business. With more and more customers making purchasing decisions based on online reviews, a few negative comments can have a significant impact on customer retention and new sales.

This means it is essential for companies to include online review management as part of their overall reputation management efforts. Online review management focuses on monitoring reviews and responding and resolving any issues in a timely manner.

Managing Your Reputation Online

One of the best ways to maintain a positive reputation online is to be proactive about customer service and responding to reviews and other online feedback. According to a survey by Edison Research, when contacting a company for support through social media, 42% of consumers expect a response within 60 minutes. The fast-paced and public nature of social media requires companies not only to respond quickly, but also to resolve the customer’s concerns effectively. Word travels quickly on social media, and monitoring your reputation online is essential to maintaining positive brand image.

Effective Online Reputation Management

Gannett Wisconsin Media has years of experience using inexpensive yet effective online reputation management tools to help businesses maintain a positive brand image. If you have concerns about your online reputation or just want to be proactive in building a strong, positive reputation online, contact us today to find out more.

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